An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 107 - Ignorance To God’s Anger Through Our Wondrous God (Psalms 74-77)
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1. What question opens the seventy-fourth Psalm?

2. Who did the Psalmist ask God to remember?

3. Have the enemies of Israel emboldened themselves against God?

4. Since there were no prophets at the time (Psalms 74:9), what timeframe was the Psalmist asking about?

5. Did the Psalmist realize God’s power?

6. What pleas did the Psalmist make to God as the seventy-fourth Psalm concludes?

7. Does God’s wondrous works declare anything about God?

8. Could Psalms 75:2-3 apply literally to any man?

9. With God as a judge, what advise does the seventy-fifth Psalm give to the foolish and the wicked?

10. Will all of the strength [horns] of the wicked be cut off while the righteous will be exalted?

11. Was God known and feared in the time the seventy-sixth Psalm was written?

12. Is it wise to not pay what one vows to God?

13. Are the kings of the earth superior to God?

14. Who did the Psalmist cry unto in a time of trouble?

15. As the Psalmist laid awake and considered the days of old, what does he recall and question?

16. In his time of suffering, was the Psalmist willing to meditate on God’s wondrous works?

17. Did the Psalmist recall and record anything specific about God’s great works?