An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 106 - Request For Urgent Deliverance Through Drawing Near To God (Psalms 70-73)
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1. Did the Psalmist want God to take time in delivering him from his enemies?

2. What did the Psalmist ask God to never let him be put to?

3. Upon whom did the Psalmist lean for deliverance, hope, and strength?

4. While the Psalmist realized God had holden him up from the womb (Psalms 71:6), did he fear being forsaken in old age and/or being cast off in front of his enemies?

5. According to the Psalmist, what separates God from all others?

6. After spending the earlier part of chapter seventy-one asking God to not forsake him, what does the Psalmist say he will praise God for as we conclude chapter seventy-one?

7. Read through Psalms 72. Now that you’ve read through Psalms 72 answer these questions:

a. Who is the penman of this Psalm?

b. Who did the penman ask God to give righteousness to?

c. In the days of the king’s son, would the righteous suffer?

d. Will the king’s son have to bow to his enemies?

e. Will the king’s son take care of the poor and needy?

f. Can you find a Scripture outside of Psalms 72 that adds support to Psalms 72:15?

g. Will the son of the king be famous according to the Psalmist?

8. Who is God good to as we find in Psalms 73?

9. What caused the Psalmist to slip?

10. Did the Psalmist realize that those he envied were proud and ignorant?

11. Did the prosperity of the wicked cause God’s people to have spiritual doubts?

12. What did the Psalmist come to realize that helped him with his envious attitude?

13. Did the wicked that were prospering have good things to look forward to?

14. Did the Psalmist awaken to see how foolish his envious attitude was?

15. Does the seventy-third Psalm close with the Psalmist showing a good or bad attitude towards God?