An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 105 - Request For Mercy Through God Saving Zion (Psalms 67-69)
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1. Did the Psalmist think that God being merciful would display His goodness to others?

2. Did the Psalmist want to see the wicked near to God?

3. Should the righteous be glad before God?

4. Is God against the fatherless and the widows?

5. If God is not against the fatherless or the widows, what role do we play in caring for them today?

6. What does, “God setteth the solitary in families” (Psalms 68:6) mean?

7. Did God’s mighty acts of the past continue to stand before His people and the heathen as a testimony of His might?

8. What can we learn from Psalms 68:19?

9. While God is the God of salvation, does He just leave His enemies to dwell in eternal bliss?

10. Did God promise His people that they’d triumph over their enemies?

11. As you end the sixty-eighth Psalm (from verses 24-35), do we see that God is great and His deeds were visible so that they could praise Him for what He had done in their sight?

12. Does the Psalmist seemed overwhelmed because of his enemies as we begin the sixty-ninth Psalm?

13. What do we find in the sixty-ninth Psalm that reminds us that we cannot hide anything from God?

14. Did the Psalmist ask God for help so that he did not suffer for the Lord’s cause for nothing?

15. Does the Lord appreciate being praised?

16. Was the Psalmist confident that God would save His people?