An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 104 - Seeking God Early Through God Hearing Prayer (Psalms 63-66)
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1. How diligent was the Psalmist in seeking after God?

2. According to the Psalmist, what is better than life?

3. Is the Psalmist content living his life thinking about and rejoicing in the Lord?

4. Was the Psalmist convinced that his enemies would fail to destroy him?

5. Who did the Psalmist look to for deliverance from his fear of his enemies?

6. Did the enemies of the Psalmist come after him openly?

7. Was the Psalmist confident that God would do something concerning his enemies that would encourage the righteous?

8. What waits for God in Sion?

9. The Psalmist talked of God hearing prayers (Psalms 65:2). Using other Scriptures, please show who God hears the prayers of?

10. What did the Psalmist say that God would purge away?

11. What man did the Psalmist call blessed?

12. Does God perform terrible [frightening] things in His answers to His people?

13. Did the Psalmist attribute the “wonders of nature” to God?

14. What kind of noise does the Psalmist teach is to be made to God?

15. Should songs of praise remind folks of God’s mighty works?

16. Is one expected to keep their vows unto God even if they make them in times of trouble?

17. The Psalmist offered burnt offerings to God (Psalms 66:15). Why don’t we do that today?

18. Did the Psalmist want to share with others what God has done for his soul?

19. Did the Psalmist extol [lift up; praise] God with his tongue?

20. What had to be missing from the heart of the Psalmist for the Lord to hear him?

21. Did God hear the Psalmist when he prayed (at this time)?