An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 103 - The Request Of Mercy Through Power And Mercy Belongs To God (Psalms 57-62)
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1. Where did the Psalmist look for refuge?

2. Was the Psalmist at a safe distance from his enemies?

3. From our study in Psalms 57, will enemies of the righteous work to trap us?

4. What do we find out about the heart of the Psalmist in our study?

5. Who did the Psalmist exalt and sing praises unto?

6. Do some people say one thing while something entirely different is in their hearts?

7. How can you know that Psalms 58:3 is an exaggerated statement?

8. How vicious are the wicked that are being discussed in the fifty-eighth Psalm?

9. What did the Psalmist ask God to do to these wicked individuals we are reading about?

10. As the Psalmist asks for deliverance from his enemies (Psalms 59:1-5), what did the Psalmist say he had done to deserve their rising up against him?

11. How aggressive and arrogant were the enemies of the Psalmist?

12. Did the Psalmist want God to utterly destroy his enemies in the fifty-ninth Psalm?

13. What was the Psalmist going to do since God was his defense?

14. What did God do when He was displeased with His people?

15. How was the Psalmist going to be saved and triumph?

16. Why did the Psalmist pray to God from the end of the earth and perform vows daily?

17. How much confidence did the Psalmist have in God?

18. How can we understand Psalms 62:9?

19. Is it wise to trust in wealth?

20. To whom does power and mercy belong?