An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 102 - The Goodness Of God Endureth Through The Psalmist Delivered (Psalms 52-56)
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1. Should a mischievous “mighty man” think he could cease the goodness of God?

2. Was the individual addressed at the beginning of the fifty-second Psalm honest?

3. How did the future of this wicked, mighty man look?

4. What is the difference between the mighty man of this chapter and the one who penned this Psalm?

5. What does the fool say in his heart?

6. As God searched upon the earth, in the time this Psalm was written, how many were standing aright?

7. Is there a question that is asked of those who eat up God’s people?

8. Why were those who encamped against the Psalmist put to shame?

9. Where would the people of Israel have looked for salvation to come out of?

10. Why did the Psalmist ask God to save him and hear his prayers?

11. Since the Lord is the helper of the Psalmist, who is the Lord with and who is the Lord against?

12. Why did the Psalmist freely sacrifice unto God and praise His name?

13. Did the fear the Psalmist had because of his enemies cause him to pray diligently?

14. In the fifty-fifth Psalm, did this Psalmist want to stand up and fight his enemies?

15. What reasons did the Psalmist set forth when he asked God to destroy his enemies?

16. How often was the Psalmist going to God in prayer?

17. Does the Psalmist conclude that God will save the righteous?

18. Were those enemies of the Psalmist honest keepers of God’s covenant?

19. How often did the Psalmist have to worry about his enemies?

20. What did the Psalmist conclude he should do in times of fear?

21. What were the enemies of the Psalmist doing with his words?

22. Did the enemies of the Psalmist act in the open?

23. Did the Psalmist want God to be angry with his enemies?

24. Do you find anything interesting about Psalms 56:8?

25. What will cause the enemies of the Psalmist to turn back?

26. Unlike Psalms 55:1-5, does the Psalmist now trust God enough not to fear man?

27. What allowed the Psalmist to walk before God in the light of the living?