An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 100 - They've Heard Of God's Works Through Our Guide Unto Death (Psalms 44-48)
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1. What had the “fathers” in Israel told the current generation (at the time the forty-fourth Psalm was written)?

2. Did the Psalmist express faith in God’s ability for deliverance?

3. While they knew what God was capable of doing for Israel, what was the “but”?

4. Is the Psalmist confused at all by God’s relationship with Israel at this time?

5. Has God’s position against Israel pushed them from Him from what the Psalmist says?

6. Did the Psalmist feel that Israel could hide anything from God?

7. With what request does the forty-fourth Psalm close with?

8. What was the heart of the Psalmist inditing [gushing; overflowing] with?

9. Does this Psalm portray the king of that time favorably?

10. Based on Hebrews 1:8-9, who is being discussed in Psalms 45:6-7?

11. How do you know the person discussed in Psalms 45:6-7 is not the same person in the verses that follow?

12. Will the king that is predominantly mentioned in Psalms forty-five be forgotten?

13. What is the main point of the forty-sixth Psalm?

14. What does God’s people have as a reason to clap their hands and sing praises to God?

15. Was praise supposed to be extended to God from His city?

16. Would the knowledge of God and His praises in His city and palaces cause fear for kings?

17. Is there any evidence in our context that God is able to use natural events as weapons?

18. Did the actions of God become known in His city?

19. Were the children of Israel focusing on God’s character while they were in His temple?

20. What did the Psalmist proclaim about God’s “right hand”?

21. Did the Psalmist show interest in God showing His works in Zion?

22. How long did the Psalmist desire God to guide Israel?