An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 98 - Continual Praise To God Through The Help For Them That Trust Him (Psalms 34-37)
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1. Was the Psalmist interested in praising God and exalting His name?

2. Do those who call upon and seek the Lord find Him based upon what we read in the thirty-fourth Psalm?

3. Is there anything in the thirty-fourth Psalm that reveals we can be taught the fear of the Lord?

4. What should one do to have a good life of many days?

5. What do we learn about the relationship of God and the righteous from the thirty-fourth Psalm?

6. How might John 19:36 fit into our current study?

7. As we close Psalms 34, what will happen to the wicked that is different from those that trust in God?

8. What would cause the Psalmist to say, “who is like unto thee”?

9. What can we learn about false witnesses in our study?

10. Does the penman of the thirty-fifth Psalm sound like a vindictive person?

11. As the thirty-fifth Psalm comes to a conclusion, what will cause the Psalmist here to speak of the righteousness of the Lord all day long?

12. Are the wicked deceptive and set upon a way that is not good?

13. Is the Lord merciful and excellent in lovingkindness to those who know Him?

14. Would the workers of iniquity be able to remove the Psalmist?

15. Should we fret because of evildoers?

16. In Psalms 37 what verse(s) teaches the following points?

  1. Trust in God for a goodly inheritance.
  2. Delight thyself also in the Lord to receive the desires of your heart.
  3. Commit your ways to the Lord.
  4. The wicked prosper, but that will not always continue.
  5. We should cease from anger and forsake wrath.
  6. Evildoers will be cut off.
  7. The meek will be blessed in this earth.
  8. While the wicked plot against the just, they’ll “get theirs”.
  9. The righteous don’t need to fear during times of financial difficulties.
  10. Wicked individuals do not repay their debts.

17. Who orders the steps of the righteous?

18. What did the Psalmist say he had never seen in all the days of his life?

19. What should motivate us to depart from evil to do good?

20. What causes the mouth of the righteous to speak wisdom?

21. Will the wicked ultimately triumph over the righteous?

22. Why should one mark the perfect man?

23. Did the Psalmist conclude that the end of the righteous and the transgressor are the same?