An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 96 - The Lord Is My Shepherd Through A Request To "Save Thy People" (Psalms 23-28)
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1. The Psalmist said the Lord is his shepherd (Psalms 23:1). Was/is the Lord only the shepherd of the Psalmist (Psalms 80:1 and Hebrews 13:20)?

2. Does the Psalmist credit God as his leader or does he claim to walk his own way?

3. Why didn’t the Psalmist fear death or evil?

4. Does the Psalmist feel that God has blessed him abundantly?

5. According to the Psalmist, why does the earth and all therein belong to God?

6. The Psalmist asked this question: “Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? or who shall stand in his holy place (Psalms 24:3)?” What answer to that question did he then provide?

7. Who is the King of glory?

8. When the Psalmist lifts his soul to God, who does he not want to triumph over him?

9. Does the Psalmist desire to know the ways of God?

10. The Psalmist wanted God to remember something and forget something else. What were those two things?

11. If I am in sin and willing to change, can I find any comfort in the twenty-fifth Psalm?

12. Who could have hope in knowing the covenant of God?

13. Does the twenty-fifth Psalm show that the Psalmist and/or Israel were in trouble?

14. Does the Psalmist, in the twenty-sixth Psalm, want to be examined by God?

15. Has the Psalmist walked in truth or has he dwelt among sinners?

16. What did the Psalmist have to wash his hands in so that he could compass God’s altar and proclaim the goodness of God?

17. Did the Psalmist prefer to be in God’s house or among sinners?

18. Why was the Psalmist brave even in times of war?

19. How long and for what reason did the Psalmist want to be in the house of the Lord?

20. Did the Psalmist desire God’s continual presence in his life?

21. Who is present in the life of the faithful when forsaken even by family?

22. What is similar between Psalms 25:4-5 and what we find in the twenty-seventh Psalm?

23. Did the Psalmist lean upon God for deliverance and for strength?

24. Did the Psalmist care if God listened to him or not?

25. Do the wicked speak what is in their hearts?

26. Will the wicked reap what they have sown?

27. Will God’s people, awaiting salvation, find comfort in the twenty-eighth Psalm?