An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 92 - Don’t Follow The Ungodly Through Fear To Know We’re Just Men (Psalms 1-9)
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1. According to the first two verses of Psalms chapter one, who is blessed?

2. When studying the first chapter of Psalms, will the end of the godly and the wicked be the same?

3. Should the ungodly be in the congregation of the righteous?

4. Is it wise for a nation to rise against God and His anointed king (i.e. David)?

5. Were enemies of the Psalmist afraid that God was with him?

6. Did the Psalmist have God’s help?

7. Was the Psalmist in fear of those surrounding him?

8. What did God do for the Psalmist when he was in distress?

9. What did the enemies of the Psalmist love and seek after?

10. Who is set apart for the Lord?

11. If one were to stand in awe, cease from sin, and serve the Lord would that person be at peace?

12. The Psalmist was confident that God would hear his prayers (Psalms 5:1-3), but what about God’s view of sinners?

13. Some think that God is not to be feared. Does anything in our study help us see otherwise?

14. Why did the Psalmist need God to lead him?

15. When did the Psalmist especially fear God’s correction?

16. What can we tell about the condition of the Psalmist in chapter six?

17. Did the Psalmist trust in his own ability for deliverance from his enemies?

18. Does the Psalmist, in the beginning verses of chapter seven, have a clear conscience?

19. The Psalmist didn’t want God to judge him in anger (Psalms 6:1), so what does He want God’s anger turned towards?

20. Who is God angry with every day?

21. Will the wicked escape the consequences of their actions?

22. Do infants show forth God’s strength?

23. How high has God made mankind on this earth?

24. How willing was the Psalmist to praise God?

25. To whom does the Psalmist credit for victory over his enemies?

26. Is God a just judge whom is worthy of our trust?

27. When God exacts His judgment on evil, is this a time to rejoice?

28. Does the Psalmist declare that God allows the wicked to prosper while the needy suffer?

29. What final requests did the Psalmist make in chapter nine?