An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 94 - Request For God To Hear The Sincere Through God Being Exalted (Psalms 17-21)
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1. Did the Psalmist claim to be sincere in his prayers?

2. Why was the Psalmist ready to have his sentence [vindication; NKJV] come from God?

3. What kept the Psalmist on the right path?

4. Did the Psalmist have confidence in God hearing his prayers (in the seventeenth Psalm)?

5. What place did the Psalmist seek to keep with God?

6. In what way did the Psalmist describe the pursuit of the wicked upon the righteous?

7. What did the Psalmist want God to arise and do for him?

8. Would the Psalmist be satisfied with wealth of this world or did he seek to be in the presence of God?

9. Did the Psalmist trust in God for deliverance and strength?

10. Being surrounded by death because of ungodly men, how was the Psalmist delivered?

11. Did the Psalmist do anything to keep the Lord on his side?

12. What benefits are received by being merciful and pure?

13. How safe are those who have high looks?

14. Did the Psalmist credit God for his ability to escape from darkness and the troop [army]?

15. For whom is the Lord a buckler [shield]?

16. What evidences did the Psalmist set forth to establish that God is greater than any god?

17. How do we know that David is the Psalmist in chapter eighteen?

18. What does the heavens and the firmament [visible arch of the sky] show us?

19. Does each day that passes declare God’s greatness?

20. How does the Psalmist describe God’s word?

21. How does the Psalmist describe the judgments of God?

22. Who is the Psalmist talking about in Psalms 19:12?

23. As the Psalmist talks about help in the day of trouble, what does he ask God to remember?

24. Did the Psalmist realize that God’s heart and counsel was greater than his own?

25. How did the Psalmist show forth that trusting in God is far greater than trusting in man?

26. As we begin chapter twenty-one, what impression do you get about this king?

27. Does the king think his gains are his own or from the Lord?

28. Did God set blessings before the Psalmist?

29. Who does the Psalmist credit for his life?

30. Did the king glory in himself or the salvation that God gives?

31. What prevents the Psalmist from being moved?

32. How comfortable should an enemy of the Lord be in reading Psalms chapter twenty-one?

33. Does the Psalmist desire to exalt himself or to exalt God?