An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 123 – Praise Be To God (Psalms 145-150)

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1. Was the Psalmist willing to praise God and speak of His wonderful works?

2. Are the works of God noticeable and memorable?

3. While falling into the hands of God is a fearful thing (Hebrews 10:31), is God an unmerciful hothead?

4. Can the kingdom of God be destroyed?

5. The Lord will uphold those that fall and call upon Him if they call upon Him in what way?

6. What conditions were there for the Lord to fulfill men’s desires and preserve them from the wicked?

7. Should all flesh praise God?

8. Does the Psalmist have a mindset that should prevent him from failing to praise God later in his life?

9. What is one of the arguments put forth for man to trust in God rather than men?

10. Should praising God be considered a pleasant thing to do?

11. What wonderful things are accredited to God in the 147
th Psalm?

12. Should all of God’s creation praise God?

13. Is God’s name greater than anyone else’s name?

14. Does God lift up the strength [i.e. the horn] of His people?

15. In what congregation should praises be sung to God?

16. What was Israel supposed to do for their King?

17. Does the Lord take pleasure in His people?

18. Was Israel instructed to praise God at all times, even when wielding a sword in battle against the heathen?

19. What is the theme of the 150th Psalm?

20. We have read, in our current study, about praising God with mechanical instruments of music and with dance (Psalms 149:3 and Psalms 150:3-5). Why don’t we do that today?