An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 122 – The Lord Knows You Through The People Of God Are Happy (Psalms 139-144)

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1. From reading the first twelve verses of the 139th Psalm, is there any way we can hide our thoughts or location from God?

2. Did the Psalmist reveal anything that shows us that God knows us in the womb?

3. How highly did the Psalmist admire the thoughts of God?

4. How do things look for the wicked in the 139th Psalm?

5. What kind of relationship did the Psalmist have with those that hate God?

6. Did the Psalmist appear to want to do what is right as the 139
th Psalm concludes?

7. Did the Psalmist have enemies, which made him need God’s help?

8. Was the Psalmist confident that God would maintain the cause of the afflicted rather than allowing the evil speaker to be established in the earth?

9. Did the Psalmist want God to continually be ready for his prayers?

10. Did the Psalmist ask for God’s help in not practicing wicked works?

11. As things would get bad (judges overthrown, bones scattered, snares laid, etc.), where did the Psalmist keep his eyes?

12. Does the 142
nd Psalm show us that we should be able to pour our concerns before God when we feel deserted and overwhelmed?

13. While the Psalmist knew his enemies were stronger than him, who was he confident in for help?

14. Does the 143
rd Psalm start with the same confidence Psalms 139:23 displays?

15. In the 143
rd Psalm, is the Psalmist confident and strong or failing and weak?

16. What requests close the 143
rd Psalm?

17. To whom does the Psalmist give credit for his carnal warfare abilities?

18. How does Hebrews 2:6 fit into our current study?

19. What do we learn in the 144
th Psalm that should cause us to realize our days are short on this earth?

20. For what purpose does the Psalmist ask God to bow the heavens, cast forth lightning, etc.?

21. Why was the Psalmist singing a new song unto God?

22. What would be some of the positive results if God chose to deliver the Psalmist from the hand of strange children?

23. Who should be a happy people?