An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 121 – Remember David Through God’s Enduring Mercy (Psalms 132-138)

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1. What does the 132nd Psalm ask God to remember about David?

2. Ephratah had heard about David’s vow (Psalms 132:6). What connection does Ephratah have with Jesus?

3. Where did the children of Israel go to worship God?

4. For whose sake was God asked to arise into His rest and the ark of His strength?

5. What condition was in place for God keeping David’s seed upon his throne?

6. What place was chosen by God to be His dwelling place and location for the horn of David to bud?

7. What did God say He would clothe the enemies of David with?

8. What is God’s view of unity among His people?

9. What was supposed to be done in the house of the Lord since God blessed Israel out of Zion?

10. As the 135
th Psalm begins (verses 1-3) and ends (verses 19-21), what is Israel being told to do?

11. What reasons are given, in the 135
th Psalm, for praising God?

12. What does the 135
th Psalm teach about idolatry?

13. As the 136
th Psalm begins and ends, what is the subject of this Psalm?

14. After the instruction to be thankful to God, what does most of the 136
th Psalm teach?

15. What happened by the rivers of Babylon?

16. Were the children of Israel ready and willing to sing by the rivers of Babylon?

17. Were the children of Israel encouraged to forget about Jerusalem in the 137
th Psalm?

18. What did the future of Babylon look like?

19. As we begin the 138
th Psalm, what is the attitude of the Psalmist about worshipping God?

20. What does Psalms 138:3 infer about the relationship of the Psalmist and God at the time this Psalm was penned?

21. What would have to occur for all the kings of the earth to praise God?

22. Does the Lord exalt the proud?

23. Was the Psalmist confident that God would save him?