An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 120 – Crying To God Through Let Israel Hope In The Lord (Psalms 120-131)

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1. What caused the Psalmist to be in distress?

2. Why did the Psalmist say, “Woe is me”?

3. Where did the Psalmist look for help?

4. Was it possible for the Lord to fail or fall asleep when Israel, if faithful, needed help?

5. Did Israel, when faithful, have to worry about natural disasters or any evil coming upon them?

6. Was the Psalmist who penned the 122
nd Psalm upset that he was going to the house of the Lord?

7. Going to the house of the Lord meant you were going to what city?

8. As Israel looked to God (Psalms 123:1-2), what had them filled with contempt?

9. What would have happened if the Lord were not on their side?

10. What did the Psalmist use mount Zion and the mountains around Jerusalem to describe?

11. The Lord would keep the rod of the wicked from resting on the righteous with what exception?

12. What is the difference with how the Lord dealt with those that are good and those that turn aside unto their crooked ways?

13. What was the “mood” when the Lord turned the captivity of Zion?

14. If the Lord does not build the house, what is the labor to build that house considered?

15. Is it wise to give up sleep for long days and nights?

16. What did the Psalmist reveal about children?

17. What occurs when people fear the Lord and walk in His ways?

18. Though the enemies of Israel tried, were they able to permanently prevail against Israel?

19. What did the Psalmist ask God to do to those that hated Zion?

20. When the Psalmist cried unto the Lord out of the depths, what can we learn about God’s forgiveness from what he said?

21. Was the Psalmist arrogant and self-dependent?

22. If Israel were singing the 131
st Psalm, would they be encouraging each other to hope in man?