An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 119 – Walking In The Law Through Not Forgetting The Lord’s Commands (Psalms 119)
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1. What will the undefiled in the way be doing?

2. Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?

3. What did the Psalmist do to keep from wandering and sinning against the Lord?

4. What did the Psalmist do so that he would not forget the word of God?

5. Why did the Lord rebuke the proud?

6. When princes were against the Psalmist, what did he do?

7. Did the Psalmist want God to teach him and help him understand His precepts?

8. What did the Psalmist choose, stick to, and run in the way of?

9. What did the Psalmist want his eyes turned away from?

10. Was the Psalmist willing to speak of the Lord’s word in front of leaders?

11. What comforted the Psalmist?

12. What did the Psalmist do when he thought on his ways?

13. The Psalmist had gone astray in the past when facing affliction. What about in our context?

14. Did the Psalmist realize that his Creator is the person he should be learning from?

15. How long is the word of God settled in heaven?

16. How did the Psalmist obtain wisdom above his enemies, the ancients, and his teachers?

17. What caused the Psalmist to hate every false way?

18. What lighted the path for the Psalmist?

19. Who did the Psalmist want to depart from him?

20. Was the Psalmist happy that people were not keeping God’s law?

21. Did the Psalmist ever shed tears or lose sleep over the word of God?

22. Why is salvation far from the wicked?

23. Why couldn’t the persecution of princes cause the Psalmist to walk away from the word of God?

24. What is said as the 119
th Psalm concludes?