An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 118 – Give Thanks Unto The Lord For His Mercy (Psalms 118)
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1. What reasons are stated in the beginning of the 118th Psalm for thanks to be given to the Lord?

2. Who was instructed to say, “His mercy endureth forever”?

3. Why was the Psalmist unafraid of what man could do to him?

4. Why did the Psalmist believe he would see his desire upon them that hated him?

5. Is it good to put confidence in any man (including governmental leaders)?

6. When all nations surrounded the Psalmist and thrust sore at him, how did the Psalmist prevail?

7. What does the Psalmist say the Lord is to him in Psalms 118:14?

8. What occurs in the tabernacles of the righteous?

9. What do we read in this context about the right hand of the Lord?

10. Though the Lord has chastened the Psalmist, has he been chastised to the point of death?

11. What did the Psalmist say about the gates of righteousness?

12. Who is being prophesied about in Psalms 118:22-23?

13. In light of who was being prophesied about in verses 22-23, what day did the head stone of the corner become the head in verse 24 (i.e. the day Jesus died, the day He was born, etc.)?

14. When did the Psalmist want salvation to occur and prosperity to be sent?

15. One is blessed when they come in whose name?

16. Why did the Psalmist want a sacrifice to be made ready?

17. Does the 118
th Psalm end differently than it began?