An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 117 – Prophesy Concerning Christ Through Praise Ye The Lord (Psalms 110-117)

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1. Who penned Psalms 110:1 and what is this verse talking about (hint – look at Acts 2)?

2. Based on Psalms 110:4, who is being discussed in verses 2-3?

3. What was the Lord “at thy right hand” going to do?

4. When you begin reading the 111
th Psalm, what can we take from the first verse and apply towards our worship to God?

5. How great and lasting are the works of the Lord?

6. Whose name is “holy and reverend”?

7. What is the beginning of wisdom?

8. What is the overall lesson of the 112
th Psalm?

9. Based on the 113
th Psalm, should the Lord be praised for a short period of time?

10. While the Lord is above all, is He mindful of those beneath Him?

11. Should the Lord’s deliverance of Israel out of Egypt cause trembling?

12. Who did the Psalmist want God to glorify?

13. What does the Psalmist say about the god’s of the heathens?

14. Rather than trusting in lifeless idols, what does the Psalmist exhort Israel to do?

15. What did the Psalmist state as his reasons for his love for the Lord?

16. What did the Psalmist’s faith cause him to do?

17. What did the Psalmist do in haste when he was afflicted?

18. Did the Psalmist realize how much he was indebted to God for salvation?

19. What is precious in the sight of the Lord?

20. As the servant of the Lord, what did the Psalmist profess he was going to do?

21. What reasons does the Psalmist state for all nations to give praise unto the Lord?