An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 93 - Is God Far Off Through Christ Not Being Left In Hades (Psalms 10-16)
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1. The tenth chapter of Psalms begins with what question?

2. How arrogant had the wicked, whom the Psalmist is speaking of, become?

3. Who did the Psalmist ask God not to forget?

4. Did the Psalmist ask for God to overlook the actions of the wicked?

5. Does the tenth chapter of Psalms close with doubt in God or words of confidence?

6. When told to flee, whom did the Psalmist say he trusted in?

7. Were the wicked seeking to destroy the upright in heart?

8. What concern was expressed in Psalms 11 that would leave the righteous in a bad position?

9. Does the Psalmist think that God is unaware of what is going on?

10. Does God feel the same about the righteous and the wicked?

11. How hard was it to find righteous men during the time Psalms 12 was written?

12. Who was going to be cut off and who was going to be in safety?

13. How did the Psalmist describe the word of God?

14. What happens when vile men are exalted?

15. What is the difference between the beginning and the end of Psalms 13?

16. What does the fool say in his heart?

17. What did the Lord see, as described in chapter fourteen, when He looked on the earth?

18. What level of knowledge exists among those who work iniquity?

19. Who has God as their refuge?

20. Who will rejoice when salvation comes out of Zion?

21. Who shall abide with God in His tabernacle?

22. What does the Psalmist request as we begin chapter sixteen?

23. Is the goodness of the Psalmist a benefit to God or to man?

24. Was the Psalmist open to idol worship?

25. Does the Psalmist feel that God has blessed him?

26. What will protect the Psalmist from being moved?

27. If you read Acts 2:25-27, what do we then know about Psalms 16:9-11?