An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 116 – Be Thankful Through Saving The Poor (Psalms 106-109)

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1. While we are to praise God and be thankful to Him, will we be able to speak of everything He has done?

2. Is it possible to do righteousness at all times?

3. Did the Psalmist remember that God saved Israel in Egypt though they were unfaithful to Him?

4. Did the Psalmist fail to record that Israel forgot God’s good works and went on to do evil?

5. Does the Psalmist record anything that shows the pattern of salvation and subsequent apostasy was repetitive?

6. What caused God to regard their afflictions and save Israel?

7. God made Israel to be pitied in the eyes of whom?

8. From where did the children of Israel need gathered?

9. What are some things the redeemed in the Old Testament were saved from?

10. Why did the children of Israel find themselves in darkness having their hearts brought down with labor?

11. How did the children of Israel get out of the darkness they found themselves in?

12. As you read Psalms 107:15-43, list three things that stood out to you.

13. As the 108
th Psalm begins, where is the heart of the Psalmist?

14. Was this Psalmist willing to praise God for His mercy and truth?

15. Did the Psalmist perceive that God would be exalted if He delivered His beloved [Israel] and did not cast them off?

16. Did the Psalmist understand that God was the only true hope for Israel’s deliverance?

17. Why did the Psalmist ask God not to hold his peace?

18. Were the adversaries of the Psalmist against him because he did something evil to them?

19. Did the Psalmist request light punishment for his adversaries?

20. What mental and physical condition is the Psalmist in during his time of affliction?

21. What did the Psalmist think would occur if God saved him?

22. What reason does the 109
th Psalm conclude with, for greatly praising the Lord?