An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 115 – Singing Of Mercy and Judgment Through God Saved His People (Psalms 101-105)

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1. What subjects does Psalms 101 begin teaching that are good to sing about?

2. What behavior did the Psalmist say he would carry in his life?

3. Did the Psalmist write as though he would surround himself with those in sin?

4. What condition is the Psalmist in through the first eleven verses of Psalms 102?

5. When you read verse twelve through verse twenty-eight of Psalms 102, does the Psalmist think God will abandon Israel?

6. What are some of the reasons given in Psalms 103 for blessing [praising] God?

7. What imagery is used, as the 104
th Psalm begins, to describe the figurative garments of the Lord?

8. Are the angels of the Lord physical or spiritual beings?

9. How can we know that Psalms 104:5 is not teaching that the earth will be eternal?

10. As you read Psalms 104:5-32, what do you see about God’s might?

11. What can you tell, from the end of the 104
th Psalm, about the desire of this Psalmist to worship God?

12. Who did the Psalmist want to see consumed?

13. Were the children of Israel supposed to keep quiet concerning God’s wonderful works?

14. What covenant did the Psalmist remind Israel of?

15. What is the main point of Psalms 105:13-41?

16. Why did God take care of His people even when they did not deserve it?

17. Did God deliver His people grudgingly?

18. Whose lands were given to Israel?

19. What did God expect from Israel in return for what He had done for them?