An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 132 – Wisdom Builds Her House Through The Traps Of A Foolish Woman (Proverbs 9)

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* In this chapter we find the contrast of seeking out wisdom (personified again as a woman) versus seeking a foolish woman.

1. What did wisdom build?

2. Does wisdom provide food for her table?

3. With her table ready, does wisdom present herself as a ready feast for those whom need to learn?

4. What has to be forsaken to have life?

5. What are the differences between a scorner [
a mocker; someone who rejects things in a disrespectful way] and a wise man?

6. How does the fear of the Lord tie into the seeking of wisdom?

7. Does wisdom add to the length of a person’s life?

8. Should we seek wisdom for our own benefit?

9. Does God speak of a foolish woman in a positive manner?

10. Do these foolish women try to attract those who pass by them?

11. Are those who fall into the trap of a foolish woman considered wise by God?

12. What does the foolish woman say to those seeking understanding according to the context of our study?

13. What happens to the guests of a foolish woman?