An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 131 – Wisdom and Understanding Through Sinners Wronging Their Own Souls (Proverbs 8)

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*Note: When the Holy Spirit has Solomon write (cf. II Peter 1:20-21) about wisdom and understanding in this chapter we’re studying, wisdom is personified [represented in a human, female form].

1. Based upon the first five verses of Proverbs chapter eight, does God want us to find wisdom and understanding?

2. Do words of wisdom contain things that are wrong, abominable, froward, or perverse?

3. To whom are words of wisdom plain and right?

4. Is wisdom valuable?

5. What do we learn about wisdom in verse twelve of Proverbs chapter eight?

6. What is the fear of the Lord to hate?

7. What is wisdom capable of doing (as described in verses 14-21)?

8. How old is wisdom?

9. Do blessings come to those who find wisdom?

10. What do we have to do to be wise?

11. When we find wisdom what else do we find?

12. What is the result of sinning against wisdom?