An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 130 – Keep The Words Of God Through Ignorance Leads To Being Trapped (Proverbs 7)

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1. What is to be kept as we begin studying the seventh chapter of Proverbs?

2. What is to be the apple of our eye?

3. Where are the commands of God supposed to be written?

4. Will wisdom keep us from bad influences?

5. Will naïve [simple] individuals walk towards harms way?

6. Is there anything in Proverbs Chapter Seven that shows us that one’s attire tells us something about that person?

7. Do promiscuous women fit the description of I Peter 3:1-7?

8. Does a promiscuous woman act like a predator with traps in place?

9. Where is the promiscuous woman’s husband while she is seducing this young, naïve man?

10. As to not decline to the ways of the ungodly, what should we all attend to?

11. Can “strong men” always overcome the wicked plots of promiscuous women?

12. Where does the house of the promiscuous woman lead to?