An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 129 – Surety For A Friend Through Rage In Jealousy (Proverbs 6)

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1. If one became a surety [one taking responsibility for the debt of a another] for a friend and was snared with the words of their mouth, what should they have done?

2. To whom or what should a sluggard [lazy person] go and consider the ways of?

3. What lessons can be learned from an ant?

4. What happens to the lazy person who loves sleep?

5. What type of mouth does a naughty person have?

6. What does a naughty/wicked person do with his eyes, feet, and fingers?

7. What does the naughty/wicked type of person work at sowing?

8. Does the naughty/wicked person have hope for a good eternal future?

9. What six things does the Lord hate?

10. What is the seventh thing that is an abomination to God?

11. How diligent should we work to keep the scriptural instruction of righteous parents?

12. What will proper instruction keep one from?

13. Is the beauty of an evil woman dangerous?

14. Can a man tangle with a whorish woman and come out of that without harm?

15. Why was there a difference between the consequences for a thief and one who goes in to his neighbor’s wife?