An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 127 – Hear Instruction Through Don’t Turn From The Established Way (Proverbs 4)

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1. What should one desire to hear and to know?

2. What kind of teaching [doctrine] is given to us in Proverbs chapter four?

3. What did Solomon learn from his father, David?

4. How important is wisdom?

5. Can godly wisdom aid us in living quality lives?

6. How much effort should we put into staying away from negative influences?

7. How diligent are evildoers in carrying out their sinful desires?

8. What is the difference between the path of the just and the way of the wicked?

9. What is to be attended to and kept in the midst of one’s heart that will cause life and health?

10. What is to be kept with all diligence?

11. What type of mouth is to be put away?

12. Should we be a people who focus on what is before us?

13. Whose path should we be pondering?

14. Should we ever get off the right path?