An Overview Of The Old Testament
Part 193 – The Virtuous Woman (Proverbs 31:10-31)

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1. Is a virtuous woman someone to be found, desired, and highly valued?

2. Can the husband of a virtuous woman trust her to do right by him?

3. Will a virtuous woman diligently help in providing for the needs of her family?

4. Does a virtuous woman have compassion on the poor?

5. How hard does a virtuous woman work to be sure she and her family are clothed?

6. By implication, does a virtuous woman contribute to her husband’s reputation?

7. Are strength, honor, and wisdom marks of a virtuous woman?

8. Is a virtuous woman lazy?

9. Is a virtuous woman worthy of praise?

10. Is it wise for a man just to focus on the outward appearance of a woman?