An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 125 – Receive My Words Through Rooting Out The Transgressors (Proverbs 2)

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1. What has to be done to fear the Lord and find the knowledge of God?

2. What or who is the source of wisdom?

3. For whom does God lay up sound wisdom?

4. Whose way does the Lord preserve?

5. From the understanding and wisdom we gain from the Lord; can we understand righteousness, judgment, and equity [uprightness]?

6. What is the result of wisdom entering into the heart?

7. Who leaves the paths of righteousness?

8. What do evil men rejoice to do?

9. How do strange women flatter those who do not have wisdom from God?

10. Will those snared by a strange woman be able to escape without harm?

11. Under the old law, if the children of Israel wanted to dwell in their land, what way should they have walked in?

12. Can wicked people root themselves secure enough to escape God’s judgment?