An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 181 – Rejoicing The Heart Through Honor From Service (Proverbs 27:9-18)

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1. Like ointment and perfume, what does hearty counsel do for a man?

2. Should you forsake your friends?

3. Is it better to depend on a neighbor than a brother who keeps himself at a distance?

4. Can the wisdom of a child help the parent defend his or her character?

5. What is a difference between a prudent man and a simple [naïve] person?

6. If someone is a surety for another, should they be expected to provide something of value for collateral?

7. Do you want to loudly proclaim praise for a friend early in the morning?

8. How fun is it to be around a contentious woman?

9. Can you really hide a contentious woman?

10. Can one man help another to be sharpened?

11. If you diligently work what can you expect?