An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 162 – The King’s Heart Through Punished Scorners (Proverbs 21:1-11)

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1. Who directs a king’s heart (implied that we’re talking about a good king)? *Note: God did not and does not remove freewill and control anyone’s heart, including kings (II Chronicles 12:13-14).

2. Do people have a hard time seeing that they’re wrong?

3. What was more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice?

4. How does the Lord look at high looks, proud hearts, and the plowing of the wicked?

5. Is it better to be diligent or to make haste decisions?

6. What does God see when people get treasures by lying?

7. Will wicked individuals, guilty of robbery and refusing to do judgment, escape destruction?

8. Is it wise to follow the ways of man?

9. Is a brawling woman fun to be around?

10. Are wicked neighbors easy to be friendly with?

11. Can simple [naïve] individuals gain wisdom?