An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 161 – A Hasty Inheritance Through Cleansing Wounds (Proverbs 20:21-30)

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1. If someone all of a sudden comes into an inheritance, will that do good for him or her in the end?

2. Should we repay others with evil?

3. How does the Lord view dishonest measurements?

4. Can man understand his own way?

5. Is it wrong to do something, say it’s holy, and then later find out if it was really the right thing to do?

6. What does a wise king do to the wicked?

7. Does the Lord know the spirit [our spirit/soul] that is within us?

8. Does a king benefit from being merciful and truthful?

9. What is the glory of young men and what is the beauty of old men?

10. Can bruises and wounds help some learn lessons?