An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 158 – Hear Counsel Through Judgment and Stripes For Fools (Proverbs 19:20-29)

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1. What do we need to hear and receive to be wise in our latter end?

2. Should we put our own counsel in our hearts or should we put the counsel of the Lord in our hearts?

3. Is kindness something that is desired of man?

4. Is it better to be poor or to be a liar?

5. Is it good to fear the Lord?

6. Will slothful [lazy; sluggard] individuals put much food on the table?

7. Can smiting a scorner [mocker] help the simple [naive] learn anything?

8. Do people of understanding receive correction well?

9. What can a child do to bring reproach upon his family?

10. What kind of instruction should we NOT listen to?

11. Does an ungodly witness make a mockery of true judgment?

12. Will a scorner escape judgment?

13. For whom are stripes on the back prepared for?