An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 157 – Delight Not Seemly For A Fool Through A Man Of Great Wrath (Proverbs 19:10-19)

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1. Is delight [delicate living; ASV 1901] seemly [suitable] for a fool?

2. What defers a man’s anger?

3. What is a king’s wrath likened unto?

4. What are a foolish son and a contentious wife compared to?

5. Who leaves houses and riches behind?

6. Who is the source of prudent wives?

7. Is it productive to be lazy?

8. If you want to keep your soul what should you keep?

9. Will we be rewarded for aiding those who are truly poor?

10. Can withholding correction from a child leave that child hopeless?

11. Does a man of great wrath learn from his mistakes?