An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 155 – Answering A Matter Before Hearing Through Being Friendly (Proverbs 18:13-24)
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1. Is it good to give an answer before knowing what you’re talking about?

2. Is it important to be in “good spirits”?

3. What do prudent, wise individuals seek?

4. Could a man gain audience with great men [in a worldly sense] by bringing a gift unto them?

5. Can someone appear to be just when they are out for their own cause?

6. Did the casting of lots cause contentions to cease?

7. How bad can things be when there are differences between brethren?

8. Is it true that we reap the consequences of our words?

9. Is marriage a bad thing?

10. Can a poor man be better mannered than a wealthy man?

11. Will we gain good friends by being unfriendly?