An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 153 – Lovers Of Strife Through Shutting One’s Mouth (Proverbs 17:19-28)
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1. Are those who love strife innocent of sin (transgression)?

2. Will those of a froward [perverse] heart or a perverse tongue find good in their lives?

3. Will parents find joy in their children if their children are fools (there are two separate verses in our current3 context to be used in this answer)?

4. Does it help to have a merry heart opposed to having a broken spirit?

5. Will a wicked man use a gift [Strong’s # 7810; “bribe”] to try and pervert judgment?

6. Do fools focus on wisdom or do they look in all the wrong places?

7. Is it good to punish just individuals?

8. Is it better to shut your mouth or to speak freely?