An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 152 – The Wise Receive Reproof Through Those Void Of Understanding (Proverbs 17:10-18)
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1. Does a wise man gain more from reproof than a fool would gain from a serious beating?

2. Are evil people rebellious?

3. How bad is it for a fool to meet his folly [foolishness; lack of good sense]?

4. Is it good for a person to reward evil for good?

5. Is it good to allow strife to begin?

6. How does the Lord view those who justify the wicked and/or condemn the just?

7. Does it make any sense for a fool to appear as though he’s trying to obtain wisdom when his heart is not set on it?

8. What are signs of a true friend and a good brother?

9. Does a wise man become a surety [one taking responsibility for the debt of another] for another?