An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 150 – The Heart Of The Wise Through The Casting Of Lots (Proverbs 16:23-33)
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1. What does the heart of the wise do?

2. Are pleasant words good for us to hear?

3. Is the way that seems right always the right way to choose?

4. What is one motivation for a man to labor?

5. What does an ungodly man dig up?

6. What does a froward man and a whisperer do?

7. What kind of man entices his neighbor?

8. In the context of the violent man, what does he do when he shuts his eyes?

9. When is the hoary [grayish-white] head a crown of glory?

10. How good is it to be able to control one’s anger?

11. When a lot was cast, was it chance that brought about the decision or was the disposing [verdict; decision] of the Lord?