An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 149 – A King Is To Be Righteous Through Understanding Brings Life (Proverbs 16:12-22)
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1. Should a king find delight in committing wickedness?

2. What kind of speech do righteous kings love?

3. Does a wise man seek to cause the king to be angry with him?

4. If one found his or her self in the favor of the king, was that a good thing?

5. How valuable are wisdom and understanding?

6. What is the highway of the upright?

7. Is it better to be humble or to be proud and haughty?

8. How do you have to handle a matter to find good?

9. In whom should you trust to find happiness?

10. What kind of heart must one have to be called prudent [Strong’s #995; “one of understanding; perceptive”]?

11. Would you rather be one of understanding or one who hears the instruction of fools?