An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 146 – A Scorner’s View Of A Reprover Through Good Counselors (Proverbs 15:12-22)
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1. Does a scorner [mocker; scoffer] love one who tries to reprove [correct] him or her?

2. Can sorrow in your heart have a big impact on you?

3. What is a difference between a man of understanding and a fool?

4. Is a merry heart powerful?

5. What is better than great treasure and trouble therewith?

6. Is it better to have an ox in the stall with hatred in the home than to have to eat herbs with love in the home?

7. What can one accomplish if he or she can control anger?

8. What is the way of a slothful man compared to?

9. Do the actions of children have an impact on their parents?

10. What type of person finds joy in folly?

11. Is it wise to have a multitude of sound counselors?