An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 141 – Good Understanding Through The Wicked Shall Be In Want (Proverbs 13:15-25)
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1. What can provide one with favor rather than having a hard way?

2. What is one difference between a prudent man and a fool?

3. Is it wise to choose a wicked messenger for a task because they might have worldly knowledge?

4. Is it good to refuse instruction?

5. Does one receive satisfaction once something desired has been accomplished?

6. Do fools think it is a good idea to depart from evil?

7. Does our choice of friends have an impact on our behavior?

8. What pursues [follows after] sinners?

9. Under the Old Law, an earthly inheritance was of the utmost importance (Genesis 17:7-8 and Ezra 9:10-12). Under the Law of Christ we work to give our children a far greater inheritance (II Timothy 3:15). With those things in mind, what kind of person leaves an inheritance that will last for even their grandchildren?

10. When the poor plow and get much food what happens when they lack in judgment concerning what to do with that food?

11. Can someone claim to be a loving parent when they refuse to correct his or her child?

12. Is it the righteous person or the wicked person who understands contentment?