An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 137 – Loving Instruction Through Reaping What Is Sown (Proverbs 12:1-14)
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1. If one loves instruction what else does he or she love?

2. What is one that hates reproof?

3. Does God view a good man and a man of wicked devices in the same way?

4. Will a man be established by wickedness?

5. What kind of woman should a man seek for a wife?

6. For us to be righteous, what kind of thoughts should we have?

7. Should you trust in the words of the wicked?

8. What is a man commended according to?

9. Is it better to be despised or to be one who seeks your own honor?

10. How does a righteous man treat his animals?

11. How much understanding does one have if they follow vain persons?

12. Will both the wicked and the righteous reap what they sow?