An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 134 – Lying Lips Through The Lips Of The Righteous (Proverbs 10:18-32)

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1. What does the Lord call one who hides hatred with lies and those who uttereth a slander?

2. Is it easier to sin when one speaks too much?

3. Is the tongue of the just considered valuable by God?

4. Do righteous lips help others?

5. Do the blessings of the Lord come with sorrow?

6. Do fools take doing mischievous things seriously?

7. How does Job 3:25 fit into our context?

8. Do the wicked have an everlasting foundation?

9. Is it wise to send a sluggard [lazy person] to do a task?

10. What does the fear of the Lord prolong?

11. Will the wicked that work iniquity escape destruction?

12. How do we know that Proverbs 10:30 is not teaching an eternal earth doctrine?

13. What was to be done to the froward [perverse] tongue?

14. Do righteous individuals know what is acceptable?