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    "November 2008 Questions / Answers"
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November 2008 Questions / Answers

1. question = I have been in a discussion with a woman that I need help with.  She has asked me
this question (How can the church tell women not to participate in leading the worship of the
church when Galatians 3:28 makes no difference between men and women?)

2. question = Sir, thank you for allowing this service as a way to find out God’s answers to
questions.  How can I have my prayers answered by God?  He seems to never do anything that I
am asking for.  I have been persistent.  What more can I do?

3. question = yes, please tell me why your church believes in baptism by submerging instead of
pouring water on the head?  what does greek show us on this?

4. question = I have always thought that this passage teaches that "the gift of the Holy Spirit"
meant the forgiveness of sins for the Jews and "to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our
God shall call" referred to the Gentiles.  One brother argues that the "promise" is when the
apostle would lay hands on them that they would receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.????  

Am I misunderstanding what it is teaching?

5. question = Thank you for the refreshing website you have.  Most websites have very little
information from the Bible that helps in study.  I have a question that I keep failing on.  What
advice can you offer for Christians who are traveling or moving to a new area and need to find a
good congregation to worship with?

6. question = with Obama as President, is it wrong to speak against him?

7. question = I came to your webpage looking for a study on baptism.  I found some interesting
things there.  One question came to my mind while reading the stuff I found.  Are sins forgiven
before or after someone is baptized in water?  If after then how does one understand the salvation
of the man who Jesus saved without baptism on the cross?

8. question = Should you give money to people asking for handouts?

9. question = I was studying some articles you wrote on divorce.  I have a question I would like a
specific answer to your question.  I know of a couple who have both been divorced.  They were
married young and did not know what they were doing in the first marriages.  The man was only
married for 1 year.  The woman was married for three.  Both realized that their marriages were not
what they should be.  They were divorced and latter both become Christians.  They met in the
church and fell in love then got married.  How can you or anyone else say they should not be

10. question = Brotther Brian Yeager, if a Church does not have man to lead the singing because
he is not able is it permissible to allow a woman to lead the church songs if she is sitting down?

11. question = Brother Brian.  I just found your words of truth site.  It is great.  I love the idea of a
sermon like the one you do answering questions.  I have one for you.  I see that you are young like
myself.  Why does brothers who are older than us think they are always right?  What can I say
when I know that the answers they give are wrong but they just rebuke my youth?  

12. question = was jesus the christ ever an angel?

13. question = What makes colleges and other institutions that help people get to Heaven so bad?  
I am a graduate of a school of preaching run by a local church of Christ.  Nothing in the Scriptures
forbid this authorized work.

14. question = I have read your work on gay marriages.  A while back I had occasion to look into
this issue in and it was amazing what I found.  Incidently I have a cousin (and probably another or
more) who is Gay and I like to take a look at such issues seeing there is enormous hatred and
animosity in religious circles where there should be none in my opinion.  The Bible shows from
cover to cover we must be more accepting rather than hateful.

There are certain important guide rules which I believe should be considered when
looking into all theological issues and particularly those which can be very controversial.
This issue is among the most contentious among many/most denominations today as you would
know as well as I.

My personal view is that the issue of homosexuality will be a watershed for many individual
christians and churches prior to the return of Jesus who loves each one equally. The Rev. Erik
Thorson - Pastor of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church made this statement: "In the end, the way we
treat our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters in Christ will demonstrate what kind of Christians
we are." I agree with him.

15. question = Brother Yeager, we have a young preacher working for us at the XXXXXXX Church
of Christ.  I am looking for a way to address some problems I see that I attribute to his young age.  
For example this Wednesday evening he said that it is his work to appoint elders.  I strongly spoke
against this.  The congregation is supposed to place elders not preachers - especially young
preachers.  This young man is trying hard but he always thinks we are at war.  He thinks he can
just speak whatever he wants whenever he wants as long as it is truth.  He has no tact.  What do
you recommend?  Should several of us stop giving?