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    "December 2008 Questions / Answers"
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December 2008 Questions / Answers

1. “Are Christians supposed to have other Christians into their homes?  If so, what if no one will

2. “Since all brethren are supposed to be equal in authority, how do we understand 2 Cor. 10:8?”

3. “Our church is having some difficulties in answering some issues that have come up
concerning our youth group.  Maybe your questions and answers forum can have an answer.  The
first is how do we get more youth involved in the church?  What programs have worked that you
have seen?  Also, what type of fundraisers would you recommend so that the church can have
more trips and functions for our youth?  We have to get them more involved in the church to keep
them from the influences that are in this world.  Thanks.”

4. “What does the Bible say about physics/ astrologists/ card readers/ and such the like?  I like to
have my fortune told to me but do not know if its wrong.  Also what about being part of a nudist
group or being a nudist.  If one is not tempted by nudity isnt it okay not to wear clothes around
others who are of the same thinking?”

5. “Dear Brian, I am wondering if you could just spend a few moments on how a Christian can
overcome addictions to drugs.  Thank you.”

6. “In studies of the bible we find that God is able to save the lost.  Why then does people have to
worry that they might lose salvation?  If you read Romans 8:38 and 39 you will find that nothing or
no person or no angel can separate a child of God from God.  I am misunderstanding this?  Why
would our God who is love allow anyone to be lost that has accepted him?  It does not make
sense to teach repentance after salvation does it?

7. “Some believers object to the practice of cremation on the basis that it does not recognize that
one day God will resurrect our bodies and re-unite them with our soul / spirit (1 Corinthians 15:35-
58; 1 Thessalonians 4:16).  Can Christians be cremated?”

8. “Dear Pastor Yeager; I have read some things on the words of truth page that deny miracles.  
Well I have personal experience and I would like to know how you can deny it if I have felt it. When
I embraced the Holy Ghost I was overcome with holy laughter as a result of being filled with the
Holy Spirit's joy. I laughed for nearly one hour and could not stop.  I fell to my knees and could not
stand or fall further.  The Holy Ghost had filled me and the joy was unspeakable as Paul describes
too.  How can you deny this?”

9. “Dear brother in Christ.  Isn’t Colossians 4:16 be a violation of church autonomy?  I understand
Paul was an apostles but wasn’t he wrong for having one congregation interfering with another
one?  I will look forward to your answers.”

10. “We just had a sermon last Sunday on Christmas.  During that sermon I had some thoughts
and asked our evangelist afterwards but was not very satisfied with his answer.  So I want to ask
what your thoughts are on Christians attending denominational services on Christmas eve since
the church doesn’t do that kind of thing.”

11. “Where in the Bible doe we find that there will be angels in hell?”

12. “Brian: when one Christian sins against another Christian shouldn’t the one who is stronger in
the word forgive the weaker and move on without causing a big to do about it?  See its like we
think it is okay with God to hold grudges against our brothers and sisters.  That is not what God
teaches.  God realizes that from time to time we do some pretty bad things because we do not
understand fully what his will is.  Shouldn’t we be like God and realize that sometimes our
brothers and sisters make mistakes because they do not understand like we do?”

13. “dear sirs.  does the bible have any references too winners and losers in the bible if so where.

14. “Some have some that based on Jesus’s words in Matt. 15:24 the gospel is only for those of
Israel.  Do you have anything to help teach that the good news is for all?”

15. “Dear Brian A. Yeager,  I appreciate the opportunity to have a question that has bothered me
for many years answered.  It is not easy at my age to ask questions because I should know the
answers.  Anyways, when studying salvation there are many passages that seem to make the
subject more difficult.  I know we have to be baptized to be saved but there are other verses that
make it seem less important.  Then there are verses that seem to be contradictive.  Can you help
me with the seeming contradiction of Ephesians 2:5 and Romans 3:28.  Is the main point of
salvation faith or grace?”

16. “Could you recommend any reviews of the new ESV by a reputable preacher?”

17. “Brian, 1. Is it scriptural to listen to instrumental "Gospel" or "Christian" music outside of the
2. I have heard of a place that observes the Lords Supper like this:    They have the communion
on tables around the auditorium and then the congregation gets up, walks to the tables and waits
their turn to take communion at the tables.  They also sing during communion.  Is  this a scriptural
way of taking the Lord's Supper?”

18. “With our traditional holiday dinner we talked about saints.  Really no body knows what a saint
is or even how to become one.  What does one have to do to become a saint?”

19. “how do we know that hell is really real and not just a figure of speech about how life without
being in heaven would be or just not being in heaven would be like burning forever?”

20. “Brother Yeager, how far should we go when we find that our false brethren are spreading
false reports about us?  It is not fair that false brethren can lie and no one will be there to counter
attack those lies.  Please answer with Scriptures if there are any.”