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John 9:35-41


John 9:35-36 – “(35) Jesus heard that they had cast him out; and when he had found him, he said unto him, Dost thou believe on the Son of God?  (36) He answered and said, Who is he, Lord, that I might believe on him?”


A. The erring Pharisees (John 9:15-16) casted out the healed man because of his testimony that Jesus healed his blindness.  Thus, Jesus sought and found him (Isaiah 66:5).

1. We can expect to have people separate from us when we stand for the truth (Proverbs 29:27, Luke 6:22, John 7:7, and John 16:1-3).

2. This man’s mother and father didn’t even stand beside him, but the Lord was there (Psalms 27:10).

B. Jesus asked the man that had been healed if he believed on the Son of God (John 3:36, Acts 8:35-38, Hebrews 11:6, and I John 4:15).

1. As we noted before, the man who had been healed did not fully know the identity of Jesus (John 9:11; 17; 33).

2. Even today, there are people that know the name “Jesus”, but knowing Jesus is much more than just knowing His name (I John 2:1-4).

3. Even after being with Jesus for about three years, Peter still did not fully know the Lord (Luke 22:31-32).

4. In fact, all of the disciples missed the complete identity of Jesus while He was with them (Mark 16:14, Luke 24:36-48, and Acts 1:4-11).


John 9:37-38  – “(37) And Jesus said unto him, Thou hast both seen him, and it is he that talketh with thee.  (38) And he said, Lord, I believe. And he worshipped him.”


A. Jesus identifies Himself as the Son of God, which is information one must know to be saved (John 3:18, I John 5:5, and I John 5:12-13).

1. This is not the first conversation wherein Jesus had to identify Himself in this manner (John 4:19; 25-26).

2. That being said, Jesus did not always have to point out the obvious (Matthew 16:15-17, Matthew 27:54, John 1:49, John 6:69, and John 11:25-27).

B. Faith moves us (Hebrews 11:7) and allows us to be worshippers of the Lord (Exodus 4:31).

1. The very fact that this man worshipped Jesus shows that faith moves one to do more than just believe (cf. Acts 18:8, Acts 19:18-19, and Titus 3:8).

2. If you want to be damned, just simply refuse to believe the Gospel (Mark 16:15-16).

3. If you want to be saved, you must allow your faith to work in everything that God desires of you (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 2:41, Acts 3:19, Acts 8:12, Acts 8:26-38, Ephesians 2:5-10, Colossians 1:23, Hebrews 10:22-39, etc.).

4. One cannot be saved by faith only (James 2:14-26).


John 9:39-41  – “(39) And Jesus said, For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind.  (40) And some of the Pharisees which were with him heard these words, and said unto him, Are we blind also?  (41) Jesus said unto them, If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth.”


A. What kind of judgment was Jesus accomplishing while He was on this earth (John 8:26)?

1. The judgment our Lord brought, while He was on earth, was not “the Judgment” (II Peter 3:7-14).

2. The judgment our Lord brought was not to judge after the flesh (John 8:15-16).

3. Jesus did not come to judge carnal affairs (Luke 12:13-14).

4. Jesus did not come to condemn the world either (John 3:17).

5. The kind of judgment Jesus is speaking of occurs when one decides to either accept or reject the message of the Gospel wherein they judge themselves (Luke 7:28-30, Luke 9:26, John 12:47-48, Acts 13:44-46, and Hebrews 2:1-4).

B. They are seeing therefore they have sin (John 15:22).

1. Accountability requires the ability to choose whether to obey or to disobey the Lord (James 4:17).

2. There is no excuse of ignorance for those who are mentally capable of hearing and obeying the truth (Acts 17:22-31 and Romans 1:16-20).

C. Spiritual blindness is a choice (Acts 28:23-27 and Ephesians 4:17-19).

1. Jesus plainly shows us, in the Scriptures, that the Pharisees were spiritually blind (Matthew 15:1-14 and Matthew 23:16-17; 19; 24-26).

2. When true judgment is missing from among the people, spiritual blindness takes place (Isaiah 59:9-10).




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