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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 311 – Make Bonds Through Restore Them To This Place (Jeremiah 27:1-22)              

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1. What did God tell Jeremiah to make in the beginning of the reign of Jehoiakim?









2. What was the point of the message sent to various kings regarding the bonds and yokes?








3. Were the prophets who said not to worry about serving Babylon being honest?









4. What did God say concerning those nations whom chose to surrender to Babylon?








5. Did Zedekiah receive a different message about the yokes and bonds?







6. Were the prophets going to truthfully prophesy about the vessels of the Lord’s house, which were taken by the Babylonians?










7. What could have been done to prevent Jerusalem from being laid waste?










8. What test could have been given to those claiming to be the Lord’s prophets?











9. What was going to happen to the vessels that had not currently been taken to Babylon?









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