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"That I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth..." (Proverbs 22:21).


An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 307 – Woe To The Pastors Through Everlasting Reproach (Jeremiah 23:1-40)              

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1. Did God plan to replace Israel’s shepherds?











2. In whose days would Judah be saved?











3. Where would they remember being brought up out of rather than Egypt?












4. What was causing Jeremiah heartache and internal shaking?









5. Was God indifferent concerning the false prophets?











6. Were the false prophets able to hide their actions or thoughts from God?











7. While God let them speak, what profit were the false prophets to their hearers?











8. What was God’s answer to “What is the burden of the Lord”?









Index Of Old Testament Studies


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