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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 299 – Cast Them Out Of My Sight Through Redemption (Jeremiah 15:1-21)             

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1. Could Moses and Samuel sway the Lord from punishing Judah?







2. What was Jeremiah told as an answer to the question, “Whither shall we go forth?”







3. What “four kinds” did the Lord say He was going to appoint over them?







4. Did a past king have anything to do with Judah’s present judgment?







5. What three questions did God ask the people of Judah (Jeremiah 15:5)?








6. How severe of a punishment was Judah going to receive for forsaking God?







7. What did Jeremiah say every one of them did to him?









8. Was there any comforting news for the remnant?









9. Did the children of Judah have hope in their defenses to escape captivity?










10. Was Jeremiah concerned about his wellbeing?











11. Did God have any words of comfort for Jeremiah?




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