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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 297 – A Linen Girdle Through Thou Not Be Made Clean (Jeremiah 13:1-27)             

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1. What did God have Jeremiah do with the linen girdle he asked Jeremiah to put upon his loins?












2. What point, concerning the marred girdle, was Jeremiah to make concerning Judah?












3. What point did God make concerning the bottles being filled with wine?










4. When we read that “the LORD hath spoken”, what did He tell them NOT to be?








5. What was going to happen if they did not give glory unto the Lord?











6. What was going to cause Jeremiah to weep sore in secret places?












7. What needed to be said to the king and queen?











8. Did God’s reply to the question of the heart of the people regarding the reasoning for their punishment leave much hope for their immediate future?







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