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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 296 – Righteous Lord Through If They Will Not Obey (Jeremiah 12:1-17)             

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1. Jeremiah says the Lord is righteous and then questions why the wicked prosper.  In the context of the book of Jeremiah, why were the wicked prospering?










2. The wicked whom God planted said the right things, but where were their hearts?











3. Did Jeremiah want God to stand back or actively judge the wicked before the end of Judah?










4. In God’s answer, did He see Jeremiah as strong and supported by his brethren?










5. What did God say about forsaking His house and why He did so?













6. Were the spoilers of God’s people going to suffer anything for their evil deeds?













7. What was God’s plan to restore His people contingent upon?









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